Parameters Specifications
CAS No. 106-23-0
FEMA. 2307
EINECS 203-376-6
Kosher Yes
Olfactive note Green-citrus like, rose, less sweet and fruity than Citral, slightly woody odor
Description Used in perfume of soaps and detergent
Application Starting raw material for Iso-pulegol, Citronellol, and hydroxydihydro citronellal.
Recommended use level 10 ppm to 6%
Natural status Nature identical
Tenacity 16 Hrs
Boiling point 206 0C to 207 0C @ 760 mm Hg
Flash point 77 0C
Solubility in Alcohol 1 ml soluble in 5 ml 70% Alcohol
Standard packing 170 kgs GI Barrels (customized packing available)
Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellowish clear liquid
Purity (GLC %): 85% min. as C10H18O
Formula: C10H18O
Molecular Weight: 154.24 gm/mol
Chemical Name: 3,7-dimethyl-6-octen-1-al