Parameters Specifications
CAS No. 2550-26-7
FL No. 07.194
EINECS 219-847-4
Kosher Yes
Olfactive note Sweet-flowery, herbal, floral-green
Description Fresher than Benzyl Acetate, more lasting.
Found in nature as a volatile constituent of cocoa.
Application Used in perfumes as a modifier for Benzyl Acetate.
Particularly used in soap perfumes.
Recommended use level 25 ppm to 2%
Natural status Nature identical
Tenacity 172 Hrs
Boiling point 235 0C @ 760 mm Hg
Flash point 97.78 0C
Solubility in Alcohol Soluble
Standard packing 210 kgs GI Barrels (customized packing available)
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
Purity (GLC %): 99% min.
Benzylidene acetone content <0.1%
Benzyl alcohol content <= 0.06%.
Benzaldehyde content <= 0.02%
4-Phenyl-2-butanol content <= 0.1%
Formula C10H12O
Molecular Weight: 148.21 gm/mol
Chemical Name: 4-phenylbutan-2-one